New York State
 Compensation Committee 2018

Legislation that Established the Compensation Committee

    13                     PART HHH
    14    Section  1.  There  is  hereby established a compensation committee to
    15  examine, evaluate and make  recommendations  with  respect  to  adequate
    16  levels  of compensation, non-salary benefits, and allowances pursuant to
    17  section 5-a of the legislative law,  for  members  of  the  legislature,
    18  statewide  elected  officials,  and  those state officers referred to in
    19  section 169 of the executive law. The committee shall  be  comprised  of
    20  the  chief  judge of the state of New York, the comptroller of the state
    21  of New York, the chairman of the State University of New York  board  of
    22  trustees and 52nd comptroller for the state of New York, the comptroller
    23  for the city of New York, and the chairman of the city university of New
    24  York board of trustees and 42nd comptroller for the city of New York.
    25    §  2.  1. In accordance with the provisions of this act, the committee
    26  shall examine the prevailing adequacy of pay levels, allowances pursuant
    27  to section 5-a of the legislative law, and  other  non-salary  benefits,
    28  for  members  of the legislature, statewide elected officials, and those
    29  state officers referred to in section 169 of the executive law.
    30    2. The committee shall determine whether,  on  January  1,  2019,  the
    31  annual  salary  and  allowances of members of the legislature, statewide
    32  elected officials, and salaries of state officers referred to in section
    33  169 of the executive law, warrant an increase.
    34    3. In discharging its responsibilities under subdivision two  of  this
    35  section,  the  committee shall take into account all appropriate factors
    36  including, but not limited  to:  the  parties'  performance  and  timely
    37  fulfillment  of their statutory and Constitutional responsibilities; the
    38  overall economic climate; rates of inflation; changes  in  public-sector
    39  spending; the levels of compensation and non-salary benefits received by
    40  executive  branch  officials  and legislators of other states and of the
    41  federal government; the levels of compensation and  non-salary  benefits
    42  received by comparable professionals in government, academia and private
    43  and  nonprofit  enterprise; the ability to attract talent in competition
    44  with comparable private sector positions; and  the  state's  ability  to
    45  fund increases in compensation and non-salary benefits.
    46    4.  a.  The  committee  may  implement cost-of-living adjustments that
    47  apply annually and/or phase-in salary adjustments annually for 3  years,
    48  provided  that no such adjustment shall be implemented beyond January 1,
    49  2021.
    50    b. Any phase-in of a salary increase or cost of living adjustment will
    51  be conditioned upon performance of the executive and legislative  branch
    52  and  upon the timely legislative passage of the budget for the preceding
    53  year.
    S. 7509--C                         157                        A. 9509--C
     1    c. For purposes of paragraph b of this subdivision, the term "legisla-
     2  tive passage of the budget" shall have the same meaning  as  defined  in
     3  subdivision 3 of section 5 of the legislative law.
     4    §  3.  1. The committee shall only meet within the state and must hold
     5  at least one hearing at which the public will be afforded an opportunity
     6  to provide comments.  The committee may hold additional public  hearings
     7  as it deems necessary. Such additional hearings, if any, may allow for a
     8  public comment period.
     9    2.  The  members  of  the  committee shall receive no compensation for
    10  their services but shall be allowed their actual and necessary  expenses
    11  incurred  in  the  performance  of  their  duties  hereunder.    Nothing
    12  contained herein shall prohibit a member of the committee from receiving
    13  his or her salary earned by reason of their state employee position. The
    14  members of the committee shall perform the duties herein personally,  no
    15  delegation of authority or attendance is allowed.
    16    3.  No  member of the committee shall be disqualified from holding any
    17  other public office or employment, nor shall he or she forfeit any  such
    18  office  or  employment  by  reason of his or her appointment pursuant to
    19  this section, notwithstanding the provisions of any general, special  or
    20  local law, regulation, ordinance or city charter.
    21    4.  To the maximum extent feasible, the committee shall be entitled to
    22  request and receive and shall utilize and be provided with such  facili-
    23  ties,  resources  and  data  of  any court, department, division, board,
    24  bureau, committee, agency or public authority of the state or any  poli-
    25  tical subdivision thereof as it may reasonably request to properly carry
    26  out its powers and duties pursuant to this act.
    27    5. The committee may request, and shall receive, reasonable assistance
    28  from  state  agency personnel as is necessary for the performance of its
    29  function.
    30    § 4. 1. The committee shall make a report  to  the  governor  and  the
    31  legislature of its findings, conclusions, determinations and recommenda-
    32  tions,  if  any, and should submit such report by December 10, 2018. Any
    33  findings, conclusions, determinations and recommendations in the  report
    34  must be adopted by a majority vote of the committee.  Each member of the
    35  committee shall report their vote and describe their reasoning for their
    36  determination.
    37    2.  Each  recommendation made to implement a determination pursuant to
    38  section two of this act shall have the force of law,  and  shall  super-
    39  sede,  where  appropriate, inconsistent provisions of section 169 of the
    40  executive law, and sections 5 and 5-a of  the  legislative  law,  unless
    41  modified  or  abrogated by statute prior to January first of the year as
    42  to which such determination applies to legislative and executive compen-
    43  sation.
    44    § 5. Date of  entitlement  to  salary  increase.  Notwithstanding  the
    45  provisions of this act or of any other law, each phase of an increase in
    46  salary  or compensation of any member, official, or officer provided for
    47  by this act shall be added to the salary or compensation of such member,
    48  statewide elected official, or officer at the beginning of that  payroll
    49  period  the  first  day  of  which  is nearest to, but not prior to, the
    50  effective date of such increase as provided  in  this  act.  The  annual
    51  salaries  as prescribed pursuant to this act, whenever adjusted pursuant
    52  to the provisions of this act, shall be rounded to the nearest  multiple
    53  of one hundred dollars.
    54    §  6.  Notwithstanding  Part  E of chapter 60 of the laws of 2015, the
    55  committee established pursuant to this act, while  in  existence,  shall
    56  make all determinations of legislative salaries and allowances and sala-
        S. 7509--C                         158                        A. 9509--C
     1  ries  of  statewide  elected officials and those officers referred to in
     2  section 169 of the executive law.  Upon  the  repeal  of  the  committee
     3  created  by this act, the commission established under Part E of chapter
     4  60  of  the  laws  of 2015 shall resume its responsibility to review and
     5  examine such salaries and allowances in accordance  with  the  terms  of
     6  such Part E.
     7    §  7.  This  act shall take effect immediately and shall expire and be
     8  deemed repealed December 31, 2018; provided,  however,  any  recommenda-
     9  tions  of  the  committee  that have been determined prior to such date,
    10  including 3 annual cost of living or salary adjustments, shall  continue
    11  to be in effect until amended or repealed by a subsequent recommendation
    12  of the commission on legislative, judicial and executive compensation or
    13  by passage of a new statute.

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